November 12, 2015

About Us



Ecoliving Pest Solutions provides a better level of pest protection than your standard pest control company. Our technicians are fully licensed and experienced to solve any pest problems. Because we are focused on quality, our services do take a little longer than your standard pest control company, but this gives you a more well-rounded, in depth and effective pest control service.

You get excellent control of pest invaders and a much safer choice for you, your family and the environment. We practice the latest Integrated Pest management (IPM) techniques and stay up to date on the latest methods and technology to make sure we can continue to evolve in the best way possible to provide the highest quality service to you!

Our owners recently came to Indiana from Northwest Arkansas. This husband and wife team makes a great pair for EcoLiving Pest. The husband, Chris, helps with all the bug killing while the wife, Sara, keeps busy with all the office work. With a great deal of experience, they have made sure to bring an emphasis on quality work and training to EcoLiving Pest Solutions. Once you become apart of the EcoLiving family, you will see first hand how much Chris and Sara really care about your happiness and health while keeping professional pest control the most affordable around.


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