November 16, 2015

Natural & Organic



When it comes to pest control in general, home and business owners sometimes aren’t quite sure exactly what they are getting themselves into. This is also true with natural and organic pest control. Confused customers aren’t sure of what it’s all about, what it costs, or what the benefits are.

We do not want confused customers. We want you to be equipped with the information to freely select the best pest control method for your home or business. To help you in your journey in possibly choosing the natural and organic way, we want to share the pros and cons of our type of pest control.

The cons:

  • It’s not always the cheapest option.
    While EcoLiving Pest Solutions strives to keep costs around the price of our competitors in standard pest control, there are some options where the cost will be a few dollars more. Yes, it’s true that chemical-based options do require less cash up front, but would you rather invest in an effective, long-term solution that doesn’t require a constant attack of chemicals on your home or business.
  • It’s results don’t always start immediately.
    With natural and organic pest control, you do run the risk of having a slightly longer timeline to see results, although seeing immediate results is usually the common timeline. But that risk is still there. On the other hand, chemical-based options give immediate results leaving amounts of dead bugs right after treatment. This is probably the biggest concern among home and business owners when deciding on organic or chemical pest control. Should fast, short-lived results be chosen over a slightly slower produced, long-lasting results?

The pros:

  • Pests¬†can’t develop a resistance.
    Overtime, chemical pesticides lose their effectiveness. If a small portion of a pest population survives a chemical treatment, they are likely to pass the resistance to their offspring, making the treatment ineffective. Pests are much less likely to develop resistance to organic pest control techniques.
  • Keep your landscape healthy long-term.
    Using organic, natural pest solutions means plants will not be exposed to chemical toxins. Spraying chemical pesticides around your home or business makes your yard virtually uninhabitable for plants in the long run.
  • You lighten your carbon footprint.
    Many organic options are created to reduce or eliminate infestations without harming humans, pets, plants, or the environment. With natural and organic options, you are able to take control against pests without repeatedly subjecting the environment and those around you to toxic chemicals.
  • It’s smarter.
    Natural and organic pest control often focuses on using a combination of biocontrols and safe, natural products to drive pests away from your home and business by making your indoor and outdoor environment as unwelcoming as possible to pests. These techniques require science and experience, and are strategic and targeted. EcoLiving Pest Solutions is well-versed in the habits of local pests and will have an arsenal of techniques to eliminate them entirely, forbidding their return.

When choosing organic versus non-organic pest control options, we ask you to keep an open mind, do your research, and consider the end result you are working towards. At EcoLiving Pest Solutions, we support organic methods. If you do decide natural and organic is the way to go, contact us and we will help you come up with the right plan for your needs.