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Bed Bug Treatment Details:

If you suspect bed bugs in your home or business, we offer free inspections.

Bed bugs have become a pandemic in itself, so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself struggling with them.

Bed bugs multiply very rapidly, leaving no room to wait for a treatment. And unfortunately, the more infested your home or business is, the more costly a bed bug treatment will cost. Stopping bed bugs before they reproduce will not only save you from itching, but will save you money as well.

Q&A: Bed Bug Edition

What are bed bugs and how did they get in my house?
Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on blood during the night. At less than a quarter of an inch fully grown (about the size of an apple seed), their tiny size makes it challenging to find them, and the fact that they bite in order to feed makes it painful and irritating to have them.
Worse, a few bed bugs can turn into a multitude of bed bugs quickly. They lay four to five eggs a day and the young are so small that they’re difficult to see—about the size of a pinhead. If you have a bed bug problem, the pests are almost certainly from an external source.
Bed bugs do not result from sanitation problems in your home. Instead, they come into your home on luggage, clothing and other belongings from having recently stayed in hotels, apartments and even college dorms—a student visiting home for the weekend can unknowingly transport them.

Do bed bugs carry diseases and are their bites poisonous?
Bed bugs do not transport disease, and their bites are not poisonous. However, bed bug bites may very well be very, very annoying.
According to the CDC, some people will have no reaction at all to bed bug bites, while others may have a strong allergic reaction. The most common result of bed bug bites are skin irritation, itching and some redness, with some people experiencing swelling around the bites.
Reactions to bed bug bites can be immediate but in some cases it can take up to two weeks for the reaction to manifest. Commonly, the bites appear in a straight line, very close together. That’s because when disturbed while feeding, the bed bug may wait just a moment to resume feeding and will move very little before resuming.

How do I know if my house has a bed bug problem?
Despite being tiny and hard to find, bed bugs leave clues to their presence in addition to the bite symptoms, especially in mattresses and bed coverings, on bed frames, and behind headboards and baseboards. Bed bugs can crawl up to 100 feet, so you may also find telltale signs on nightstands, in drawers or behind pictures.
Once you begin to search for them, you will generally find dead bed bugs, their exoskeletons (which come off when they shed them) and dark-red spots that look like pen dots. You may also notice a sweet, musty odor.

What do bed bugs look like?
Let me add a few photos of bed bugs, their casings, and their droppings! The photos below will cycle through a few. Hopefully this will help you in your findings.

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