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Our Pest Control Services

EcoLiving Pest Solutions offer's many different services to get the job done right in your Muncie, IN area home or office!
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Natural Treatments

Natural and organic treatments are available and are just as effective as conventional services. We want you to have the most options when choosing how to rid the bugs in your home or business.

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Commercial Services

Keeping pests out of your business is essential. We specialize in tailored services for your business, saving you time and money.

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Residential Services

We offer a wide range of services to get rid of your pest problems. From one-time services to quarterly preventative services we’ve got you covered guaranteed!

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Bed Bug Treatments

Affordable treatment options that WORK. Our bed bug treatments save you money and do the job right so you can sleep at night. Finally, the best solution to eliminating your bed bug problems guaranteed!


Offering a more affordable mosquito control option for your yard! STARTING at ONLY $45 for our new mosquito misting treatment! Of course, the price depends on your yard size! Stop the bites and enjoy your yard again, thanks to your friends from EcoLiving Pest Solutions! Call today to get scheduled! (765) 205-8248


Ecoliving Pest Solutions provides a better level of pest protection than your standard pest control company.
We care about our families, pets, community, and our environment.

We have brought an emphasis on quality work and training to EcoLiving Pest Solutions. The technicians here at EcoLiving are fully licensed and experienced to solve any pest problems. Because we are focused on quality, our services do take a little longer than your standard pest control company, but this gives you a more well-rounded, in depth and effective residential or commercial pest control service.
You get excellent control of pest invaders and a much safer choice for you, your family, and the environment. We practice the latest Integrated Pest management (IPM) techniques and stay up to date on the latest methods and technology to make sure we can continue to evolve in the best way possible to provide the highest quality service to you!
We are well equipped and trained to offer the best in spider control, bed bug treatments, ant control, flea and tick treatments, and more!

  • We guarantee to bring you the highest quality in pest control.

  • We strive on being your most affordable option for pest control.

  • We make sure our products are the safest, most eco-friendly on the market.

  • We are fully trained to offer the best with any difficult pest problem.


We want to personally thank you for considering EcoLiving Pest Solutions!


Chris is not only an owner, but he is our lead service technician. He holds a 7-A Applicator License and has been in the pest control industry for 10 years. Once EcoLiving Pest Solutions grows to a larger size, Chris will be passing the torch of a lead service technician for our base-area and focusing more on helping grow our business more than what it already is.


Sara is an owner and an all-around helper. She assists our technicians on the field if an extra hand is needed, creates our business marketing plans, draws up contracts, answers phones, handles scheduling, and keeps everyone on track during the business day. She may not go out and exterminate bugs like our technicians do, but she is very knowledgeable on pest information, what our technicians do, and keeping our business running and growing.


Shay has been a wonderful addition to our EcoLiving family since June 2017. He is a fast learner and is super personable. Shay is a Registered Technician, licensed by the Indiana State Chemist. He is thorough with his work and shows off greatness with the quality of service he provides for our customers. Chris and I both are proud to have him working with us!


John Myers has joined our EcoLiving family Oct 2017. He holds a 7-A Applicator License and has worked in the pest industry for 15 years. He is a former Service Manager of Orkin, bringing his experience and certifications from Purdue Pest Management, Quality Pro and IPM. He specializes in commercial services and termites, and also has a strong background in residential and bird control. We are thankful he has chosen us as his new home!


The people you can trust: Real customers who have tried us out and can tell you about it!


Our pest services are 100% guaranteed to effectively remove your pest problems! We practice the most advanced and environmentally friendly treatments, resolving your pest concerns safely and quickly. We will supply you with the knowledge in the service that we are performing for you, as well as explain the pest you are currently having problems with and the techniques needed to remove them.

As our client, we will respond quickly to your pest problems, resolving any issues or concerns you might have. At any time, if you are not completely satisfied with the results of your regularly scheduled service, we provide free call backs* in between your scheduled services until the job is done right!

We are sure that we are providing the best, top notch service around, but if, for some reason, pests are still causing you problems after we have serviced your location, we will make it right at no charge* to you!

*The pests covered in the free call backs are the 'covered pests' listed in your Service Agreement.


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